In the form, there is a thought

In the form, there is a thought, just as there is a story in every life.

In the stroke lives the imprint of what was thought and in the substance lies its incomplete recovery awaiting us, pure potentiality.

Of the pieces observed here, we are surprised by their organic and distant appearances. They appeal to a familiar and recognizable aesthetic, albeit they withdraw from our understanding; their path is alien. Nature seems to be traveling on a camp and galactic itinerary, bending the first impression without rest and without violence. There is no relief. Nothing happens in excess, neither close nor remotely. All of Valdeón’s work is a transit from the inside to nowhere, an elusive path bogged down in beauty.

And to let it penetrate us, his creations let us look at them from the vertigo of the limit, a place without end that manifests itself in unstable curves, slowed beginnings and constant ruptures of any pattern. Sometimes, in the roundness of the grid, or the desire to overflow the mold, ardently and properly. Each work is a border and each proposal, a shore. In diagonal, the time uniting us passes through them all: a common history and a singular future. Each sample by the author is an ode to shared loneliness.

Monochromatic serenity is only the setting where structures that expel themselves solve their dilemmas. Each color is a coup. Each coup, a barrage. In the transitory and transcendent boundary between what we see and what it suggests to us, full of cracks and asymmetries, the perpetual and still movement. There is no peace without longing and no balance without hesitation.

In Valdeón’s work, there is a lingering thought in every form, an abstraction sung in verse.

The anonymous influencer .

Translation by Susana Asensio and Jim Gilroy.